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Glenco Fireplaces Expands Product Selection Recently, there have been changes to building codes, encouraging builders across the Carolinas to produce more efficient homes. Icynene’s advanced insulation performance allows new homes to meet the requirements, and deliver savings through cost offsets. Visit our website for full details. Think spray foam insulation is more expensive? It’s worth another look. The Evolution of Insulation

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1/27/2017 12:57:00 PM

As a part of Glenco Fireplaces customer service

philosophy, when their customers have requests….

they listen and act…..and in appreciation for your

business, Glenco Fireplaces proudly awards 3

PerkPoints for every $10 dollars of purchases paid

within terms.

Stop by Glenco Fireplaces’ showroom today and

check out the fabulous new gas logs on display as

well as the tremendous variety of products for all of

your fireplace needs.

New for 2018, the Monesson Charisma

Vent Free Gas Logs are not only a ‘show

stopper’, but they radiate heat into the

room, making any room in your homes

more comfortable and cozy!

As a result of multiple requests, Glenco has added

the Hargrove Aspen Timbers Vented Gas Logs

to their terrific selection of gas logs. Part of the

Radiant Heat Series, these gas logs have become

extremely popular.