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• BuildPerks - March/April 2018 - Page 11

Grand Destination

BuildPerks Sponsors Shelley and Silas Lewis


Samson Stone

) smiling for the camera.

Love the tee shirt, Shelley!

Lobster on the beach…enough said.

We Made New Friends & Awesome Memories on the 2018 Grand Destination!

We asked the group what they will miss the most…the sensational sunsets or beautiful beaches or the afternoon

concerts or maybe the long, lazy sunny days soaking up the sun? Eddie Yandle was the first to reply,

“It Don’t Matta” because we will be with you on the 2019 Grand Destination!

Decisions…Decisions! Do we swim out of the room or in the ocean today?

Talk about a room with a ROYALton view!

The Negril sunsets were

breath-taking, but not as lovely as

our friend, Karen Barreto (



Eddie Yandle (Executive Construction) with BuildPerks Sponsors

Dawn and David Clark (

Clark’s Termite & Pest Control


lunching on lobster….caught & prepared beachside!

Practicing for the PGA Tour or the BIA Golf Outing

Your guess is as good as ours! BuildPerks Barry,

Dawn and David Clark (

Clark’s Termite & Pest Control


and Eddie Yandle hit the links!