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Page 10 - March/April 2018 - BuildPerks •

BuildPerks Members and Sponsors from Asheville, Columbia and Greenville had a

spectacular time on the 2018 Grand Destination. We traveled to Negril, Jamaica in January

and we were treated like ‘Royalty’ at the all-inclusive Royalton Negril Resort and Spa. In

addition to the fantastic amenities, restaurants and accommodations at the Royalton, our

guests were upgraded to Diamond Club status and were spoiled by private butlers as well

as exclusive beaches and pools reserved only for Diamond Club guests.

From the Welcome Reception to BuildPerks’ Beachside Bunko, celebrating Jimmy’s

50th Birthday Crystal’s inaugural flight, Silas, Luke & Sean cliff diving at Rick’s Café to

soaking up the sun with Shanna and Dawn, Eddie’s band playing a concert for us at the end

of each day to foam parties, golfing, welcoming back the Barreto’s and the Lewis’ and the

final evening’s Farewell Dinner and After Party….this Grand Destination had it all.

Memories made on the Grand Destination will not soon be forgotten!

We hope you enjoy these photos and will also browse the May/June issue of BuildPerks

News to see more photos of our 2018 Grand Destination. We invite you to join us on

our next Grand Destination adventure…trust us, being there is more fun that looking at

the pictures!

BuildPerks 2018

Thanks to these Great Sponsors

Meridian Brick and Masonry Supply, GBS


Noritz America

for keeping the beverages ice cold

while the

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

pens were perfect for Beach Bunko!!

Did someone put soap in the pool? Nope, it’s a pool foam party

Jamaican style!

A Surprise Party on the beach to celebrate

“Jimmy’s” 50th…

Can you think of a better way to

celebrate than ‘In Jamaica Mon’! James Royals (



pictured with his wife, Crystal.

It Don’t Matta…The Fathers and Sons band was a huge hit on the beach every

afternoon jammin’ away while the sun went down. Grandpa, father and grandsons were

all part of the band with grandpa’s handmade base!

In Jamaica there is always a pot a

gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Mother of the Year Award

goes to…Susan Peace-Vernon

(Dillard-Jones Builders) who

brought her son, Luke to Jamaica!